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Sorry haven't been posting much, just joined a LoL team last week. Now I have practice every weekdays with only saturday off and sunday being our go4lol days. This last weekend was out playing mahjong with people from the anime con I went too. Mahjong is so addicting XD but sometimes I hate it >.< Might not be posting much but we'll see from here on out.

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I need your love
I need your time 
When everything's wrong 
You make it right 
 I feel so high
 I come alive
 I need to be free with you tonight
 I need your love

I Don't Know What To Say

This Shingeki AMV

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Aww yeah another wakamuraP video

Why is finding the right team for LoL so hard. I'm just sitting here staring at the forums looking for a team trying to go pro. More then a dozen post of recruiting or looking for teams. *sigh* as I sit here looking through each post.

Thursday, July 4, 2013